Extending Your Stay in the UK: The Graduate Route

Is your leave running out but you want to stay in the UK? 

If you’re here as a student and pursuing a degree, there’s an exciting opportunity for you to extend your stay and work in the UK. 

The Graduate Route 

If you complete your degree course, you can work in the UK for two years without needing a sponsor under what’s called the Graduate Route. This is a fantastic opportunity for recent graduates to gain work experience in the UK. Benefits of the Graduate Route Work Flexibility: You can work in any role without needing a job offer or sponsorship. 

Career Advancement: 

This route gives you the chance to secure a job and possibly switch to another visa category, such as the Skilled Worker visa, at the end of the two years. 

Professional Growth: 

Gain valuable work experience in your field of study, enhancing your career prospects. 

If you want to know more about the Graduate Route and how to apply, get in touch with me. With this route, you can enjoy two years of working in the UK without a sponsor and explore various career opportunities. 

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